how in the world do you eat organically?

baby steps. 

it all starts as a baby step. 

choose USDA Organic

an easy step to becoming GMO free is to begin buying organic food–as much or as little as you can afford. this step can feel daunting to those who are already struggling with their grocery bill… just take it in baby steps. every little bit you buy reduces the amount of pesticides you eat.  USDA Organic is GMO Free?

where do you shop?

more and more discount warehouses like costco are carrying organic foods–including meat, dairy, produce and packaged goods-at very affordable prices.

other options?

if you have some outdoor space with sunshine, even if it’s just a patio, deck, or parking strip, plant some container vegetables or a small garden. also, consider looking at your local farmers markets or local health food stores!

how does buying from private-owned or family-owned companies lead to GMO Free?

•  these are the companies that are still in direct control of decision-making, and typically are more accessible and transparent to us as consumers.

•  if they are not aware of GMOs, they may not realize they’re already GMO-free (if they are selling USDA or 100% organic products).  it’s a simple step to contact them and ask them to help promote the GMO Free message (not to mention it’s a wise marketing move for them to add this message to their product labels and website).

•  if they are already aware of and opposed to GMOs (and most family-owned organic companies are), they have a unique ability to raise awareness by spreading the GMO Free message to consumers. Buying their products helps them accomplish this awareness.

•  last, but perhaps of more importance, supporting these companies drives more dollars into the hands of ethical businesses, rather than mega food corporations that greenwash themselves with organics while diverting money to fight GMO labeling.

how can you tell if a farmer is truly organic?

ask, ask, ask!! those who are truly dedicated to proper growing practices are usually quite proud and passionate about the extra efforts they take, and more than willing to discuss everything from seeds to soil and methodology.

more established farms will often have a website: just like GMO eduators, those who are passionate about organics often provide more detailed information about their organic approach and dedication.

even better, visit their farm—it can be a fun day outing, and for families with kids, it’s a great way to help educate the next generation.

get on track for healthy living!!



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